10 Tips on How to Wear Oversized Shirts for Ladies

10 Tips on How to Wear Oversized Shirts for Ladies

How good are oversized shirts?! They’re always super comfy and let us express ourselves with confidence. Best of all, oversized shirts give us so many options to mix and match styles and accessories to look our most fabulous selves. If you’re not quite sure how to wear the boyfriend shirt with pazazz, we’ve listed our top tips on the ultimate in oversized shirt fashion. Let’s go!


Believe it or not, there’s more than one way to style your oversized shirt—we have 10 ways in fact! Here’s our top picks for adding style with shirt options to up your boyfriend shirt game:


One effective method for oversize shirt styling is the classic half-tuck. To master this, choose a lightweight, non-starchy fabric like silk or linen to prevent bunching, tuck the fabric between the front two belt loops for balance, and smooth the shirt to maintain a polished silhouette.


Try wearing an oversized shirt with a belt, tuck about three-quarters of the shirt into your waistband for seamless lines, and cinch the waist with a belt to create a flattering silhouette. Belts offer versatility, allowing you to experiment with different widths, materials, and styles, from skinny to wide, leather to fabric. Big belt buckles are currently trending and can add a unique touch to your oversized shirt outfit.


Learning how to style oversized shirts can transform your look, and off-the-shoulder elegance is a perfect example of this versatile trend. To achieve this look, start with a boyfriend cut shirt like the Oversized Linen Boyfriend Shirt in Hot Pink. Simply unbutton the upper half of the shirt and pull it down over your shoulders.
This oversize shirt styling technique is easy and instantly adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit, and just the right amount of sass.
For a polished oversized shirt outfit, tuck the shirt into your pants or jeans to avoid bulkiness at the back. This creates a streamlined silhouette and enhances your overall oversized shirt style.


This oversize shirt styling method is perfect for creating a cute, long-line crop top ideal for pairing with high-waisted trousers. To achieve this look, start by folding up the back of your shirt and pulling the material tight around to the front.
Next, twist the leftover fabric in one direction until it forms a spiral, then wrap it into a ball and tie a knot.
This simple method not only transforms your oversized shirt outfit but also prevents the bulkiness of tucking in lots of material. Enhancing your oversized shirt style with a playful and fashionable touch is as easy as “knot and crop!”


If you love your skinny jeans and want to add some flow to your look, try this cool contrast of pairing skinny jeans with a boyfriend shirt for oversized shirt styling that will get hearts racing. Learning how to style oversized shirts can create a balanced and fashionable look. This oversize shirt styling technique contrasts the loose fit of the shirt with the form-fitting nature of the jeans, achieving a stylish and well-proportioned oversized shirt outfit.
For a chic oversized shirt style, wear the shirt untucked with a few buttons done up in the middle. This method gives off casual and effortlessly cool vibes to your look.


This one’s easy, loves—take our tips for oversized shirt fashion with skinny jeans and substitute with your favourite leggings. Voila! Done!


We love high waisted bottoms for how it makes us curvier girls look and feel. So tucking an oversized shirt into high-waisted bottoms gives us a look that is confident and easy. Imagine matching our Camille Linen Wide Leg Pant in Navy with this Oversized Boyfriend Shirt in Camel for a sultry evening outfit. This oversize shirt styling technique is perfect for defining the waist and achieving a flattering hourglass shape. Simple yet stunning.


Understanding how to style oversized shirts can add versatility to your summer wardrobe, especially when using them as a beach cover-up. Oversized shirts in light fabrics like linen and chambray are perfect for relaxing by the pool in style. These fabrics are breathable and comfortable, making them ideal for a casual yet chic oversized shirt outfit.
To enhance your beach look, consider how to wear oversized shirts with accessories. Swap your slides for wedge espadrilles to add a touch of glamour without changing outfits.
Experimenting with different oversized shirt styles allows you to find the perfect balance between comfort and fashion, making it easy to create a relaxed yet sophisticated beach-ready look.


Choose a dress with a simple silhouette to complement the oversized shirt, opting for light fabrics like cotton or linen for a relaxed daytime look or a structured button-down for evening elegance. Experiment with leaving the shirt unbuttoned for a casual vibe or cinching it at the waist with a belt for definition.


Mastering how to style oversized shirts opens up a world of fashion possibilities, especially when it comes to accessorising. Accessories like patent leather pumps, sleek sunglasses, and a pair of gold hoop style earrings can give your oversized shirt fashion style an edgy and chic vibe.



Oversized shirts offer endless fashion opportunities, combining comfort with style. Techniques like the classic half-tuck, belted waist, off-the-shoulder, and knotting for a cropped look can effortlessly update your wardrobe and showcase how to style oversized shirts.
Pairing with skinny jeans or leggings creates balance, while high-waisted bottoms highlight curves for a flattering oversized shirt outfit. Using oversized shirts as beach cover-ups or layering over dresses adds versatility to your oversized shirt fashion.
Experimenting with these oversize shirt styling tips guarantees you'll always have a fresh and fabulous outfit ready to wear and get on with your busy and wonderful life.
Love, Adrift x

Discover the endless possibilities of how to style oversized shirts and create your perfect oversized shirt outfit today. Embrace comfort and fashion with our styling tips and transform your wardrobe with versatile, chic looks.

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