Our factory

Adrift Bali factory was purchased as a roofless warehouse without water, electricity, and adequate plumbing. The building was radically renovated to ensure ethical, safe, and clean working conditions.

  • Toilets and Shower facilities
  • Kitchen
  • Fans throughout
  • 3 Private offices with A/C
  • Worship Area
  • 50 + Sewing Machines
  • Computer / Printing Technology
  • Adequate Storage Compartments
  • Daily Cleaning & Sanitation Services
  • Daily Food Allowance

Staff benefits

Adrift takes staff welfare very seriously and endeavours to ensure staff are secure and happy beyond the minimum requirements this includes offering: 

- Annual bonus
- Lunch allowance
- Social security employment program
- Health care benefits program
- Humanitarian aid during COVID19 crisis 

to all factory staff. In addition to this, Adrift is constantly working to empower women in the workforce in Indonesia, allowing for flexible working to support Mothers returning to work. Our current split is 30 women to 21 men. 

Religious beliefs

Several different religions are practised in Indonesia, and their collective influence on the country's political, economic and cultural life is significant. In Adrift Bali Factory there are Christian, Muslim and Hindu Staff however the majority are Muslim. The Adrift Factory recognises all religious holidays, providing days off or holidays where appropriate. We ensure the factory is blessed and traditional ceremonies are performed each morning.

Our sewers

Our factory runs differently to most (even including western factories) in that most factories work on a line, meaning each maker only sews one aspect of the garment, in developing countries especially this means that makers are limited in their skill set to the one part they know how to sew. Not only does this create an unskilled workforce but also traps the workers, making it virtually impossible for them to upskill or grow. Our factory works on a pay per piece model, meaning every single maker in our factory is a skilled garment technician. This allows for the older technicians with more experience to produce more work and therefore earn a higher wage as would be expected for skilled garment technicians.

Meet the makers


Annie has been with Adrift since our Bali Factory’s inception in 2016. Although not formally trained in manufacturing Annie has grown with the business to be one of the most resourceful staff members and much loved factory manager. Annie is a mum, yet balances managing over 70 staff in our factory and heading up our leadership team.


Christine is a hard working and dedicated Accounts Manager, she balances her long hours with the care of her son as a single mum. She has undergone bookkeeping training and does a wonderful job ensuring the factory runs smoothly and staff are well cared for.


Dian in terms of hours is the hardest working member of our team, she is the day to day manager of all our production six days a week. She is extremely trustworthy, reliable and manages to do all of this while working 6 days a week and taking care of her family.


Alim is our original Adrift staff member, in the early days he ran all production from pattern making, cutting and sewing. Like Annie he has grown with the company and is now our chief pattern maker,  through working at adrift Alim has been able to provide extended education to his children.