EVERY WOMAN: BTS Adrift Rural Campaign

EVERY WOMAN: BTS Adrift Rural Campaign


Group of country women on set

2018 has been such a year of new opportunities for us at Adrift and boy are we excited to introduce to you our first campaign in rural Australia! This #adrifteverywoman campaign involved eight amazing women who were so excited to be involved and to feel glam and wearing gorgeous clothes for the day!! For us it's no secret that we are strong believers in the fact that women are the backbone to supporting livelihoods and particularly in the country, holding families together.  So you can guess how excited we were to finally make it happen!!

Adrift has many ties to the country, through our staff and our many rurally based customers, so it was really important for us to highlight their voices within this rural campaign and to bring together women from different backgrounds to share their stories.

Two country women wearing cream linen and charcoal linen

We are often reminded that country women are forgotten about and this campaign was the perfect opportunity for us to showcase the amazing work women are doing in the country and to give them the opportunity to speak about issues that really matter.

Our campaign began on Thursday 20th September at Fordsdale Farm, on the outskirts of Toowoomba, QLD.  We were so lucky to be surrounded by an amazing farm life, with a landscape that stretched for miles, so indicative of what the freedom of living in the country is all about. Goats, horses, sheep and the occasional spider also kept us on our toes (!!!) Our first leg of the campaign involved four amazing women, including Jenni @stylingcurvy, Lala @guyala_lala, Sarah @glencliffedairy and Nicole @mummaslove4fashion. More to come on their stories, as they are INCREDIBLE!! 

The final leg of our campaign was on Friday 21st October, with another four incredible women including Fleur @ruralbizcollective, Araminta and Judy @yellowbridge and Sue @fordsdalefarmstay. We are very excited to bring you all of their stories, varying from running their own businesses in the country, to what it feels like to be a 'model' for the day, to what it means for country women to have access to gorgeous bright, uplifting clothes.   

Two country women wearing linen.


Adrift xx

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