Adrift Staff Focus: Laughing Yoga!

Adrift Staff Focus: Laughing Yoga!

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2020 was a tough year for many, Adrift staff included! We had so many ups and downs throughout 2020 , making it an exhausting and draining year. So we thought; why not do something to cheer us up in the new year? We're all about connection and staff bonding here at Adrift, and what better way to bring us closer together and create joy than laughing yoga!



We were joined at our head office by the guys from Holistic Services Group, Australia's leading corporate wellness service provider. The amazing instructor took our staff through a laughing yoga session, designed to increase engagement, relieve stress and encourage teams to work better together... and boy did it do that! The session also included meditation and mindfulness practice, which was so useful as we're always so busy here at Adrift!

Check out this video from the yoga session over on our Instagram to see what it's all about: Click Here

All the staff had such an amazing time; letting go of our egos and having fun together! It was certainly an experience that we'll never forget. And to top it off, we sat down after the yoga session to enjoy a delicious breakfast together. Complete with scrumptious pastries and fresh fruit, this breakfast was one that we'll be thinking about for days...



Adrift is focussed on bringing women together, and empowering each other to be the best we can be, and we love to highlight this through our gorgeous staff. It was so lovely to connect with all our beautiful colleagues during this yoga session and the breakfast after.

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