Christmas is Sorted: Alex's Favourite Drink & Dress Combo

Christmas is Sorted: Alex's Favourite Drink & Dress Combo

As a self confessed Christmas tragic, my Christmas Tree goes up on December 1st (I’ve tried for earlier, but was shot down in flames).. Each year the decorations are themed. As for the boxes piled high in the garage, well that’s another story..
This year I’ve gone somewhat traditional with red and gold - but here’s the thing, it doesn’t stop there, oh no, that would be too easy! The theming extends to my choice of dress for the occasion and the obligatory Christmas Day Cocktail. This of course is quite the decision, thinking about a dress that will keep me cool throughout the day, but feeling oh so fabulous at the same time. After all, I’d hate to make the wrong decision!
So after a great deal of let’s call it “researching” the perfect summer cocktail for Chiristmas.. I have found the one. A little nostalgic, as I remember drinking them in my youth, however, yummy is yummy. I’d love to share the recipe with you..


45 ml Frangelico
30 ml Midori
Strawberries and Ice
Blend and serve in your favourite cocktail glasses. These quantities are for one, so multiply away.
Next comes the perfect lightweight cotton dress for the day.. The Iris Short Dress in La Vie En Rose is my pick. Not only does it perfectly match my chosen cocktail but it has an array of reasons to wear..
The Iris Short Dress in La Vie En Rose is made of 100% cotton, meaning I am going to be able to dance to my heart’s content but stay extremely cool whilst doing so! The short length of this dress is perfect for my height, sitting just above the knee (and I am 5’9”). Now I have a million other favorite features on this dress but the adjustable waist line has to be top of the list.. This feature allows you to create an hourglass silhouette and then once you have had a couple cocktails & some Chrissy lunch, you can loosen it all the way out..
So Cheers. Here’s to a safe and joyful Adriftmas. And make sure to let me know how you enjoyed your Red Corvette. 

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  • sarah hay

    Love the idea of matching my cocktails! What a gorgeous colour..

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