How to Layer Your Dresses This Autumn

How to Layer Your Dresses This Autumn

As beautiful as autumn is, it can be tricky to get your wardrobe sorted. As if we ladies don’t have enough to deal with (am I right!?). The tail end of summer lingers with the odd super hot day, while the cooler weather of winter months also starts creeping in. Like many of us at this time, we’re often left wondering what clothes to wear in autumn. Lean in close, because I’m about to share with you the 3 words that’ll have you singing praise all autumn longlayering your outfit.  

Key Layering Pieces

Layering fashion is something we can all do with ease, once we know how. It’s the most comfy and practical way to dress for the autumn season. Why? Because you can easily add or remove key items with the changing autumn weather and still look amazing. 
Key pieces to get your layering groove on include jackets, long-line drape cardigans and your favourite pairs of jeans. These key pieces will help you get a LOT of mileage out of your wardrobe, trust me. Layering is not only a practical solution to the ever-changing autumn weather but also a fabulous way to mix and match pieces to create an entire look that works. 
Also, choose pieces that work as stand-alone items. While you want your outfit to blend in harmony, you don’t want the look undone once you take a layer off. Once you take off your top layer (usually a cardigan or jacket), your outfit shouldn’t lose its “wow” factor.  This is key to pulling off the layer clothing style, with style! 

Practical Tips for Layering Success

Dressing for the autumn season should be both practical and fun. Long-line drape cardigans are a feminine, smart and sassy way to find new ways to layering your outfits. If you’re feeling cute and a bit flirty, try the long-line drape cardi in pink. Match this with some blue jeans and a white top and you have a look ready for after 5 drinks as the sun sets for the evening.  



Navy Linen Duster Jacket with a pair of wide-legged trousers is always a refined and beautiful look. This can easily be your oh-so-effortless essential jacket this autumn. I get a lot of compliments with this look, especially from women who want to pull off this designer look.  

 By having a few different coloured long-line drapes in your wardrobe, you can bring so much versatility to your favourite jeans (the ones you’re famous for among your gal pals). Offset your look by going between carameldark navy, and emerald and change your mood along with the changing weather! 

Navy is perfect for overcast days, whereas emerald is perfect for those amber-hued autumn sunsets.  Don’t be afraid of colour to add some pop when you’re looking to dress in the autumn season. Brighter hues can add dynamic flair to a layered outfit, but avoid going overboard with too many contrasting coloursthere’s a line between being creative versus the clown look (no one wants that!)



Cardigans and jackets are perfect for layering dresses too. Your outfit is totally transformed by changing your jeans or pants to a dress. Follow the same layering ideas above and your layer clothing style will be on point! No more worrying about how to layer dresses now that you’re in the know… 

Another point is to avoid bulkinesslayering doesn’t have to mean bulky. A tip we recommend is going “layer light to thick”. By keeping the clothes closest to your skin light, and adding thicker layers on top, you’re able to remove the warmer layers first. This means more comfort and flexibility in your layering outfits. 

Simplicity is something we also need to keep in mind. Try too much, and the layering look goes undone. Keep it straightforward by remembering there are 3 ingredients to layering:

1. Your base
2. Your middle layer
3. Your outer, or final layer


A classic example of this 3-part layering technique is to wear a plain white blouse (base layer), followed by a long line drape cardigan (middle layer) and topped off with a scarf or throw as a final accessory (the outer).  

If the weather suddenly changes, you can take off your scarf and still pull off a chic layered look.  


Sealing the Style Deal This Autumn

Knowing how to do layering clothes this autumn is essential in dealing with changing weather. It may even come in handy if you’re at a stage in life where you’re dealing with changing body temperature.  Follow some of our practical tips on how to dress in autumn, keep it simple and you’ll be confident while being comfy as the season changes. Have fun exploring and styling your favourite denim jeans, jackets and cardigans, now that you know how. Now, get layering!

 Love, Adrift x 

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