How To Style Skirts: Creating Versatile Outfits with Different Skirt Lengths

How To Style Skirts: Creating Versatile Outfits with Different Skirt Lengths

Remember the joy we felt as kids getting a mixed bag of lollies and thinking “this is so AMAZING”? So many combinations to choose from! Well, we’re a bit older now, so these days we can get that same feeling by mixing and matching our outfits instead. It’s a different approach but equally fun and satisfying!
Skirts are super versatile staple pieces that are fabulous to combine with different outfits. When you know how to style skirts with existing clothes in your wardrobe, your life becomes so much simpler (like that bag of mixed lollies, but without the nasty trips to the dentist!)
Here are some tips on what to wear with a skirt, that help you always look your best.


Mini skirts are a fun and flirty way to create go-to outfits that always work well. Best of all, you can wear them in all seasons. How to wear a skirt casually in summer is achievable with some slides or sandals and a light basic top. In colder weather, pop on some warm tights underneath with some boots or even sneakers for a retro look.
For a casual day out, pair your mini skirt with a simple t-shirt. T-shirt and skirt outfit ideas are endless, and this combination never fails to look effortless. Consider a graphic tee for a playful touch, or a plain white t-shir for a classic, clean look.
The Adrift Denim Short A-Line Skirt in Black is slightly less revealing than a traditional mini but still has the fun attitude of a mini skirt. Tops that go with skirts like this a-line can vary widely, from cosy fun cardigans in winter to light camisoles in summer.


Midi skirts are a fantastic option for creating a sophisticated and elegant look. Falling below the knee and above the ankle, they strike the perfect balance between classic and on-trend.
Look at how lovely this Adrift Denim Midi Skirt in Light Wash looks—perfect for creating a balanced, feminine silhouette. Tops to wear with skirts like these can range from simple tees to more structured blouses, depending on the occasion and look you need from your outfit. Keep it simple and elegant with a tucked in blouse that anyone can pull off with ease.
To complete your outfit, consider what to wear a skirt with in terms of outerwear and accessories. A tailored blazer or a cropped jacket can add a layer of sophistication, while boots or heels can refine the look. For instance, pairing a midi dress with some cute boots adds a stylish twist to the ensemble.


Maxi skirts are a favourite of women everywhere for their effortless elegance and comfort. These ankle-grazing wonders are perfect for creating both dressy looks and casual vibes.
Here’s how to style skirts for those of us who absolutely adore their maxi’s:
For a dressy look, pair an a-line flowy maxi skirt like this gorgeous skirt with a fitted top. Add a faux leather jacket and boots for cooler weather, or opt for strappy sandals and a casual tote bag for a relaxed weekend outfit.
For a twist on the traditional maxi, go for something like this long split skirt. We really love how stylish this can be with some simple essentials, such as tees or shirts, just by accessorising with a cool handbag, earrings or scarf.
Another option for accessorising is mixing up your choice of shirts. Shirts to wear with skirts, especially maxi skirts, should complement the flow of the skirt. Most shirts will work, but we generally suggest tucking the shirt in, to balance out the overall look.


Skirt styling can give women of all ages and sizes so many options to create versatile outfits by trying different combinations of skirt types and tops.
No matter if it's a mini, midi a-line or maxi, understanding how to dress with a skirt that goes with lots of different combinations gives you so much outfit choices and versatility. It's comforting to know that a few choice skirts can maximise your wardrobe options to always look your best and never run out of things to wear.
So when you think about it, buying new skirts actually saves you money when you create multiple outfits from those skirts! Here’s to “girl maths” and the wisdom it holds for us all!
Love always, your PHD in fashion—Adrift xx
 Transform your wardrobe with Adrift’s collection and discover how to style skirts to keep your style fresh and playful. Start mixing and matching your perfect look today!

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