Organise with Adrift: The Kitchen

Organise with Adrift: The Kitchen

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As the saying goes; the kitchen is the heart of the home, with a tonne of socialising, cooking, eating, and relaxing happening in this space of your house. This also usually means that the kitchen can get untidy and disorganised pretty quickly. We've put together this organisation-101 guide to help you keep your kitchen feeling clean, tidy and fully functional! These tips can easily be applied to your space, whether you're in a house, apartment or anything in between!



Utilise cupboard space - LEVEL UP!



Kitchen cupboards can easily get disorganised and out-of-hand, and a lot of the time we don't actually utilise the space available to us. Something that we've found to not only help us organise the space, but also utilise space is by creating levels within the cupboard. Using something as simple as a shelf insert (hint: Ikea sell super cheap ones!) can maximise space and help you tidy the cupboard. Keep tins and cans up on a shelf insert and then store spices underneath! Or use a shelf insert for crockery, with mugs up on the insert, and bowls below!





What to do with 'THAT' junk drawer



We know everyone has one... a junk drawer that is filled with a collection of stuff that you 'need' to keep but doesn't have a proper home in the house. It can be hard to organise these types of drawers, so we've made this tip simple and easy to follow. First, start by taking everything out of the drawer and getting rid of anything in there that you don't absolutely need. Next, invest in storage containers to store everything from stationary to matches. Make sure to group together items in the same category so it doesn't get cluttered again.



Organised and tidy kitchen



Tupperware time


Using tupperware, or any food storage containers, are great to not only keep your fridge/pantry tidy and de-cluttered, but also helps you to preserve food for longer and avoid waste. We like storing foods like baked goods, leftover dinners, cooked veggies and chopped up fruit for easy access. Make sure to date the container to ensure you eat the food before it goes out-of-date!





Be creative with your space



Not all of us are lucky enough to have huge kitchens with ample storage space, so a great tip to make sure your kitchen is organised is to be creative with the space you do have. Examples include storing wine glasses by flipping every other glass upside down, and stack salad/mixing bowls in order of size to save space. Another awesome creative option is to use a lazy susan to store spices on; no longer will you be reaching into the depths of a cupboard for that one jar of dried basil, just spin your lazy susan!



Hooks, hooks, hooks



A lot of space in a kitchen is not utilised to it's full potential, and this includes wall space! The wall space around your kitchen can be used to hang up anything from pots and pans, to you're favourite coffee mugs. This is a nifty idea to free-up space in your cupboards and drawers, and can add a cute homely-feel to your kitchen. This tip is easy enough to implement, just mount a wood panel onto a wall in your kitchen and screw hooks along the panel at even intervals.





Organising a kitchen can be a big task, and keeping it tidy is a whole other beast to manage! This list can help you tackle the kitchen in small increments, and they're easy to keep up in the long term too. Show us your organisation tips over on Instagram @adriftclothing!

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