Fresh Perspectives and Podcasts for the New Year!

Fresh Perspectives and Podcasts for the New Year!

Podcasts for a Fresh Start

Anticipation for the birth of the new year came early, and now in the thick January heat with dwindling holiday spirit we may find ourselves asking, what’s next?

As the new year takes shape the demand for a transition looms. The itching expectation to reinvent wills us to inch closer to the mould named ‘the best version of ourselves.
Every time we write the date 01/2022, a voice reminds us that we are new, and a fresh start is at our fingertips. Yet this doesn’t seem entirely logical. Of course, we can correct habits and make changes in our lives, at any point throughout the year, but it’s something about the feeling of the new year that is palpable. It’s almost like a slight gust of wind behind our sails, the voice saying ‘maybe this will be my year’.
And for your year, 2022, we have picked out a few podcasts to ride the winds of the fresh start feeling and put positivity as your priority this coming year. Play these while; cooking, cleaning, driving, exercising, you can multitask while absorbing content in a digestible conversational tone, which may benefit some new year introspection.



If you’re feeling the weight of expectations heavy this coming year, Nova Podcasts presents The Space, a mindfulness podcast to remind you to give yourself time to change and evolve at your own pace. Maybe for you, the trap of a New Year’s commitment may be more weight on your shoulders than you need. Give this a listen and be kind to yourself this year. 

What's Underneath

By Style like you Looking for a ‘you’re not alone’ moment? Listen to inspiring stories in this collection of interviews with some influential faces in media today such as; actress Kiersey Clemons, Hamilton’s Suni Reid, athlete Rwenshaun Miller. Hear their struggles and journey to self-love with StyleLikeYou’s ‘What’s Underneath’. 

Call your Girlfriend

By Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman Empowering women having empowering conversations. ‘Call Your Girlfriend’, co-hosted by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, contemplates our society and the running faucet of beliefs fed to us in pop culture. Sometimes it’s just nice to listen to the daily life anecdotes of women and how social politics play a role in their experiences. One of our favourite episodes is “Making older friends”, an inspiring take on releasing the shackles of age anxiety this new year and embracing intergenerational friendships.

Crappy to Happy

By Cass Dunn If you feel yourself falling into the rut of negative thinking, Cass Dunn, a clinical psychologist teaches techniques to bring us back to living in the present moment. Through her own journey of enlightenment, she uses her studies of neurology to explain negative thought circuits, how to shift the weight of expectations and our idea of selfhood, and sever neural pathways of self-doubt and insecurity.
We’ve witnessed our resilience blossom with the passing of these intense past couple of years, and we hope that a few wise words from the women mentioned above can be the motivator to keep challenging yourself, ask questions and be kind to yourself. We wish you all the very best in this year to come.
Every year is your year, you just have to reach out and grab it.
Love, Adrift xx

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