Top Tips for Garment Care and Longevity

Top Tips for Garment Care and Longevity

So you've been following our guides on how to style and accessorise your favourite outfits for a while—yay for you! You have your favourite go-to outfits,  and love them so much you want them to last forever. The last thing you should be worrying about is slaving away in the laundry to keep your clothes looking their best.
Want the low-down on how to preserve your clothes, but not sure how?
Don’t worry, we’ll show you the latest in clothing care tips and how to make your clothes last longer, while looking their best on you.

6 Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

That ‘new clothes’ feeling is one of pure joy. You want to keep that feeling with your outfits as long as possible—do right by your garments and they’ll do right by you. 

While Adrift clothing collections focus on beautiful and low maintenance garments, you still need to know how to take care of your clothes.

Your outfit tells the outside world about your personality and who you are, so show your clothes some love by following these 6 tips and tricks:

Follow Care Instructions

Every Adrift garment has a specific care instruction label based on the fabric type. We see a lot of wear and tear on clothing that happens at the washing stage. If you take care washing your clothes, you’ll get so much more wear out of them.

When washing garments, pay attention to the temperature of the water and fabric detergent recommended on the care instruction tags. If the label says ‘cold hand wash’ and you throw your garments in a raging hot wash cycle, trust me, you won’t be happy with the results! Following the washing instructions for your clothes is the smartest way to protect your clothing.

Always stick to the clothing care instructions provided by manufacturers for ultimate garment care. Hand wash or dry-clean if the label says so. If in doubt, cold wash it instead.

Gentle Detergents and Inside Out

Choose gentle, colour-safe detergents and turn clothes inside out before washing to protect fabric quality. Turning clothes inside out reduces wear on the fabric, and protects pattern designs or embroidered bits. 

Air Dry and Rotate Your Wardrobe

Air-dry your clothes to avoid excessive heat damage, especially if the label says ‘do not tumble dry’. You may find that the stunning blouse you love so much is hard to button up after it's been in the dryer…oops! Try stretching it back to size, and don’t make the same mistake again! Some clothes take it personally and are not very forgiving!

Not only is air-drying good for your clothes, it's cheaper on your hip pocket and a bonus for the environment. Get some ‘feel-goods’ in your day by giving the tumble dry a miss, opting for air drying instead. 

Also, try rotating your wardrobe regularly to avoid excessive wear and tear on your much-loved outfits. That way, you’ll easily add a new dress or items from our basics range to your go-to outfits without a contrast between the new and older garments. 

Prompt Stain Treatment

Get to stains as soon as possible and use stain removers that work for your clothing material. Following garment care instructions to prevent stains from setting. 

Most stains can come out if you get to them pronto. Even if you’ve had a ‘whoopsy’ moment with red wine, flushing it out with cold water, dabbing it with a paper towel followed by a stain remover may just save your outfit (and an embarrassing, but probably, hilarious story to share with your girlfriends). 


Separate and Wash Smart

Sort laundry by colour and fabric type, using cold water to preserve colours. Avoid overloading the washing machine to prevent wear and tear. 

Washing less extends the life of your clothes. Too much washing can actually cause damage to the fibres and cause excessive wear on your clothing. Sometimes your clothes just need a freshen up rather than a wash. Try hanging outside on a clothesline or clothes-horse, or even in a steamy bathroom to get the garment breathing again.

Smart Storage and Inspection

When you’re not strutting around in your Adrift outfits, make some effort to store them thoughtfully. Use quality hangers for structured pieces such as evening outfits. A simple hanger upgrade is not only good for your clothes, but also gives your wardrobe an aesthetic lift. Throw out those metal-wire hangers and your clothes will thank you for it. 

Fold delicate items neatly. Keep clothes stored in a dry, cool space away from direct sunlight. You’d be surprised how harsh the sun can be on your clothes, robbing them of their colour.  

Make sure to never store clothes that are dirty or have been worn, as this is a foolproof way of getting moths making home in your garments and feasting on your best dresses and tops. For some reason, the better looking your outfit is, the more they’ll choose it, every time. It’s as if it’s nature's cruel law!

Regularly inspect your clothes for minor issues such as snags or tears, and have them repaired if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself.



Garment Care Shouldn’t Be Hard

Congratulations, you are now the queen of garment care! It’s really not that hard when you have the right advice. Take care when washing your garments for the ultimate care and longevity of your gorgeous outfits.

Keep your clothes looking new and make the most of your day ahead, because you deserve it, honey!

Love, Adrift x

Unlock the secrets to wardrobe longevity! Explore Adrift's garment care tips for enduring elegance. Show your outfits the love they deserve. Dive into our collections now and keep your style forever fabulous.

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