Unexpected Places to Rock Your Floral Dress

Unexpected Places to Rock Your Floral Dress

Floral dresses are the best, aren’t they? Whenever I see another woman in a floral dress, she always looks so confident and free! Flower themed outfits work in pretty much every setting, from casual shopping outings to fun weddings, and everything in between. Throw on a few accessories and you can go from style icon to bohemian rockstar in a flash.
We’ve got the best floral outfit ideas here for you, with some twists you may not have thought of. And yes, you can totally take our ideas and pass them off as your own (we won't say a word!). If you’re dying to know more about how to style a floral dress, read on. 

Floral Outfit Ideas

Here are some of our floral outfit ideas that kill it every time:

Daytime Casual Look


Step out in style with the gorgeous Savelle Maxi Dress in Amazonia.  Accessorise it with a super cute tote bag and some comfy white sneakers and you’ll be running errands or catching up for brunch with the best of them. 

Office Chic Ensemble

Break the monotone look of your co-workers with a chic floral outfit. You may be stuck in the office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little holiday vibe to your workplace with a floral outfit like the Iris Mini Dress in Palm Cove

Bohemian Vibes

Nothing says carefree bohemian vibes like wearing a floral dress. Maybe it's the print, or maybe it's just a feeling, but the bohemian look is effortless with a floral dress. Imagine wearing the Minden Shirred Dress in Notting Hill barefoot on the beach or through an exquisite garden. If that’s not enough, pop on a few ankle bracelets and now you’re in bohemian heaven. 

Romantic Beach Wedding

Everyone loves romance, don’t they? Show your loving vibes in this gorgeous Shari Dress in Poppy Love. It even has ‘love’ in the titleperfect! This floral dress looks lovely on all body shapes, and you’ll look and feel amazing wearing it. 
If it's a beach wedding theme, be careful not to steal all the attention, but DO expect to look radiant wearing this floral dress!

Edgy Rockstar Energy

For many, mention the words ‘edgy rockstar energy’ and they immediately think of black leather. Floral patterns may be the farthest from their minds, so break convention with your rockstar energy and go with a floral dress. Pair it with some chunky boots and a leather jacket for a seriously edgy look. Best of all, it still looks incredibly feminine at the same time. If the weather is hot, you can wear thongs and still get that cool rockstar look. 
We really love the Iris Mini Dress in The Cotswolds for this vibe, but any floral can look edgy with the right accessories. Floral long dress outfit ideas will work as well, especially teamed with boots. 

Accessorising Your Floral Dress

Wasn’t it Shakespeare who said ‘accessories maketh the outfit’? Accessories are probably the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to flip the script on your outfit. 
They can be anything you add to your outfit to give it something a little extra. From earrings to handbags and shoes, accessorising your floral dress is fun and creative with these simple steps.
A sweet beaded teardrop earring will have a very different impact on your outfit than a pearl flower earring. The beauty is that both look amazing with floral dresses; they simply give off different moods. You could wear either to a summer party and be fine. If you’re not sure how to accessorise a floral dress for a wedding, try wearing less busy earrings, like the Marilla Gem Earrings in Pink or Shiv Earrings in Gold. These will add style and sophistication to your floral dress, fitting for a wedding theme.  
An unexpected way to mix things up is to emphasise the vibrant colours of your floral dress against subdued natural hues. Try combining the La Dolce Vita Bag in Natural with a pair of Human Premium Grover Heels in Tan. The contrast in the different colour palettes really makes your floral dress outfit pop!
Another way to challenge the norm with floral dress outfit ideas is to wear them in cooler weather. You wouldn’t think it, but floral dresses can work in the cooler months just as well as in summer. The key is to accessorise, layer and follow these tips:
Try pairing your outfit with leggings or socks in a neutral colour. This will keep your outfit looking grounded as well as keeping you warm. A pair of boots or closed-toe shoes will compliment the contrasting look of your floral themed outfit. Go one step further and pull off the floral dress with blazer outfit look, while staying warm.
Add some gloves, a woollen scarf and a cute hat like a colourful beret and you’ll be the envy of all your monochrome-wearing friends. And for the 80’s tragic in all of us, go the raspberry beret for an ultra cool statement! 

With these tips and some creativity, you can stay fashionable and chic all winter long when rocking a floral dress!

Breaking Expectations in Floral Dresses

Get the most out of your outfit by mixing things up to get different looks with accessories for floral dresses. Remember, you are a goddess—symbol
be confident and bold with your flower outfit ideas and have your dress inspired by flowers all year long.
You got this!
Love, Adrift x
New ways to rock your floral dresses are in bloom! From casual chic to bohemian vibes. Mix it up with accessories, own the flower-inspired look, and dazzle in florals. Your style, your way! Explore the range now!

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