Working From Home: Creating a Space You LOVE

Working From Home: Creating a Space You LOVE

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With the craziness of lockdown and isolation at the moment, so many are now working from home, including as at Adrift! Working from home can be daunting, without having all your usual office/workplace normalcies, so we've put together this list to help you create a space you love. Having a clean, organised and stylish space to work will not only boost your motivation to work, but has actually been proven to increase productivity! Whether you have an entire room dedicated as a home-office, or just a little desk in your bedroom, these tips can be applied to any space.


1. Light is everything!


Increase the natural light in your room by keeping plantation shutters or curtains open. This will boost your mood and help to avoid fatigue early in the day. If your room/office lacks natural light, then be sure to use soft lighting that isn't harsh against your eyes. Another great way to add in soft light is through a candle, we love this refreshing sea spray candle, or this warming bergamot & olive candle.
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2. Add in greenery where you can
Having a little bit of greenery in your home-office is a great way to add cute decor to the room. Plants have also been shown to improve people's moods and can even improve air quality! We recommend something easy to care for, like a mother-in-laws tongue, a fiddle-leaf fig or a cute succulent! For a gorgeous plant pot, try this adorable ceramic one!


3. Comfort is key


It might sound boring, but ensuring you have a comfortable chair that you won't be slouching in is super important! Invest in an ergonomic chair that lets your feet rest on the ground. We love keeping a cosy blanket handy to drape over our legs if it gets cold too. If you feel sore from sitting down all day, try a standing desk by using the kitchen bench or a dressing table to rest your laptop!


4. Add your own personal design flare


Adding colour through greenery is great, but we love taking things to the next level by adding some cute ornaments, picture frames and other trinkets to add flare to the space. Personal favourites include this elegant photo frame and this beautiful coral ornament. If minimalism is more your vibe, then stick to neutral colours and simple shapes.


5. Clean space = clean mind


Ensuring your space is organised and tidy is a great way to boost productivity and ensure you're ready to take on the working week. We love organising our home offices with little trinket dishes like this pink one to store paperclips or other small stationary items. Other great ways to tidy up a space include cable ties, a stationary organiser and under-desk storage boxes.
Colourful work space from home
Whether you incorporate one or all of these tips, be sure to post to your Instagram or Facebook and tag @adriftclothing so we can see!

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