What to Wear Under Your Favourite Cardigan

What to Wear Under Your Favourite Cardigan

Want to know what’s even better than a heartfelt hug from your bestie? No, I’m not talking about chocolate (although that’s a close second on my list…)

It’s the humble cardigan, or ‘cardi’ as we sometimes call them.

Not only is the cardigan THE perfect way to layer your look, it’s one of the easiest and most comfy ways to flip your look in seconds. 

Knowing how to style a cardigan is essential. More than an accessory, having a few cardigans in every woman’s wardrobe brings excitement, comfort and versatility to everyday outfits. 

Styling Tips for Cardigans

I remember as a younger person thinking that cardigans were something your grandmother wore to her bingo tournament (is ‘bingo tournament’ even a thing, lol?). Oh, how much I‘ve learnt since those days! 

The breakthrough moment was seeing model Kate Moss wearing one—from that moment, I was hooked. Since then, I’ve absolutely loved teaming cardigans with most of my outfits. And though I know my killer curves are worlds apart from Kate Moss’, I can look and feel fabulous when I know what to wear with my cardigans.

Cardigans can be hero pieces to so many outfits. You just have to know what to wear under a cardigan and how to style a long cardigan for maximum impact.

We’re absolutely obsessed with this Long Line Drape Cardigan in Pink right now. The pop of pink means you can pair it against a backdrop of staple pieces like blue jeans and a white top. You can style your long cardi with sneakers for an urban-chic look, or dress it up with a pair of sandals like the Human Premium Dorris Heels in Latte. Muted earthy tones go so well with pinks, don’t you think?




Another tip is pairing cardigans with shorts. Yep, you heard right—shorts!  A long cardigan with shorts is so cute and sophisticated, especially when you pop on heeled shoes. This gives you a lift, giving shape to your calves. The flow of the long cardigan makes a wonderful contrast against your shorts.  Shorts are an excellent alternative to wearing jeans with your cardigan.  Denim cut off shorts in mid wash, light wash or white all work so well with a flowing cardigan. 

Of course, a staple styling tip is going for the classic jeans and cardigan look. We also love wearing long pants or jeans with cardigans. When you know how to wear cardigans with jeans or pants, your cardigan can go a long way towards maximising your outfit variety. 


Just look at how cool the Long Line Drape Cardigan in Dark Navy looks with denim jeans. Style it up with black or tan boots, or keep it casual with white sneakers. Even something as simple as a shoe change can work wonders in creating different outfits with long cardigans. So much love when you know how to wear a long cardigan! 

A question I get asked by my friends all the time is how to wear a cardigan with a dress. For some reason, this one seems to be a mystery, and it really shouldn't be. A long cardigan goes well with both maxi or midi dresses, as it adds flow to your outfit. You can even get away with a cardigan over a short dress for a super playful look. Try it.

What to Wear Under Your Favourite Cardigan

We know that your favourite cardigan can make your outfit go from plain to ‘woah Nelly’, but what do you wear underneath your long cardigan?

Basic boatneck tops in black or white are a safe bet if you’re not sure, or if you want a casual but clean look. Try matching your cardigan with a long sleeve tee

such as the Long Sleeve Swing Tee in White with any coloured cardigan to keep the ‘chi’ of your outfit flowing. 


When you need an outfit that bridges the gap between work and after-work nibbles, try our Sam Shirt in Mid Wash or the super sweet Kitty Shift Tencel Top in Mid Wash. Both are examples that look fabulous with your long cardigan when outside, and still look stylish if you take it off indoors.

These are just a few examples of shirts to wear under cardigans—try mixing and matching colours and patterns to get the look you’re going for.

When in doubt, wear it out (with a long cardigan, of course!)


Endless Possibilities With Cardigans

Cardigans are the perfect way to add layers to your outfits. They're versatile and on-trend, opening up so many possibilities to enhance your outfits.

Knowing what to wear with a cardigan is a skill every woman should master.  

Our practical tips for how to wear cardigans with jeans and long cardigans with shorts offer you options you may never have considered before. We’ve seen women just like you pull off these looks with amazing results.

Be one of them and wear your favourite cardigan with style!

Lots of love, Adrift x

Elevate your style with cardigans. From urban-chic long lines to cute shorts pairings, we've got your back. Explore our tips on what to wear underneath and unlock endless possibilities. Wear your favourite cardigan with confidence today! 

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