Who is Alex Harris?

Who is Alex Harris?

Life has a funny way of sending us down rabbit holes that we hadn’t imagined exploring. That rare occurrence of finding yourself in the right place at the right time. I’ve been fortunate to have this adventure a few times in my 53 years on this planet. Without boring you with a full biography, I would like to tell you how I found myself here - writing to you all, my new besties, about how I found Adrift and have been lucky enough to become their ‘person’.

A quick overview of where I’ve been until today would take take us on a journey from Brisbane to Europe, back to Brisbane, raising my 3 practically perfect children in North Queensland, (now 25,28 and 29), working as a TV presenter - being told I’m spending too much time away from home - so no more TV.. Back to University, this time in New Zealand, graduating Dental school and working as a Dental Hygienist.15 years later I’m told I can’t work in that field anymore because my hands have given up the ghost. So - here I am in my 50’s having to rethink life.

Enter - Adrift. I first met Bec, Adrift’s owner and CEO at a fashion parade held at David Jones at Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast. I went to support my sister who loves Adrift. At the end of the Parade, my sister, Niki, won a lucky door prize of a styling session and shopping spree to be held at the Adrift Warehouse in Brisbane. A week later we were both in our element - hell, every woman’s element - trying on clothes. This was my first introduction to this gorgeous home grown label. Initially, I was blown away by the joy in the office - that, quite frankly, is reflected in the vibrant colours in many of their collections, the quality and inclusivity of their ranges, and the ethical way the company gives back - in many ways. It was love at first visit! Through some stroke of luck, Adrift had been looking for someone to be the face of the company - to show you the greater gear, and engage with you, their fabulous and loyal customers. What better curveball could life throw?

See…. I was in the best place at the perfect time, and I am so very excited to be here. You will see me on their socials, and website, but it’s here that I can talk to you, about all things Adrift, about life and about all the things we care about. So let’s get started…..

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