6 Denim Skirt Outfits to Elevate Your Style

6 Denim Skirt Outfits to Elevate Your Style

 There’s always been something cool about denim skirts. I’ve always thought women in denim were stylish, on trend (no matter the season), and perhaps a little rebellious?  Pairing a denim skirt with any outfit is a great way to pull off a look that goes from daytime casual chic, to evening drinks or fabulous restaurant style.
Denim skirt outfits always hit the mark and here we’ll look at 6 outfits that will turn heads and make you feel glorious! 

The Enduring Appeal of Denim Skirts

While other fashion items have come and gone, the denim skirt seems to be a style staple. From the edgy punk rock/new wave vibes of the late 70’s and early 80’s to today’s minimalist chic, denim skirts have been hugging our curves and causing hearts to flutter for decades. 
And for good reason. The denim skirt is timeless, and works with almost every outfit. It pairs well with petite figures, and is absolutely stunning on us curve-blessed gals. So if you’re looking for advice on how to style a denim skirt, we’ve got you covered.
6 Denim Skirt Outfits to Try
Denim skirts are so easy to style with your favourite Adrift blouse and some cute accessories. If you’re wondering what to wear with denim skirt, here are 6 outfits to try:  

The Midi

First up, the midi skirt. Loved by women everywhere. Try a casual look with a denim midi skirt outfit like our Light Wash Denim Midi  that’ll effortlessly take you from shopping trips to brunch in seconds. Try pairing it with a white blouse such as the Ava Broderie Blouse to style it up, or a White Cami for a casual, cool look to get on with your day in style.

Short Denim in Mid Wash

Short denim goes oh-so-well, and with Adrift’s sizing options, there’s a short denim for all of us. With smaller fit, true size and larger fits, women of all shapes can look goddess-like with the confidence that comes from a short denim skirt! 
Our Short Denim A-Line skirt in Mid Wash works especially well with us curvier ladies since A-Line skirts are narrower at the top than at the hem, creating a silhouette that’s perfect for defining your curves without drawing attention to your mid-section or thighs.   
Mid wash denim goes well with both white and darker coloured tops, but usually best to avoid black since it may not have enough contrast. Gold, silver or even darker accessories like a black pendant will add some pizzazz to your outfit. Go for the classic pairing of a denim skirt and white shirt with a simple accessory, and you’re on your way.

Short Denim in Black

Black is back, baby! Actually, has it ever really gone away?! When you’re looking to make a statement, go for the short denim in black. Take the Denim Short A-Line Skirt in Black and make it a versatile go-to staple in your wardrobe for pretty much all occasions. 
The classic pairing of a black skirt and white top is a timeless look. Pop on a pair of flats or trainers with a white cotton t-shirt and your black denim skirt outfit echoes vintage cool. Add a sun hat or a cap and you’re ready to hit the beach, catch up for lunch or run errands in style. 
For a more subdued look that works for casual evening wear, try matching the look with a black tunic top or a black shirt. Add a statement accessory such as a chunky necklace and matching earrings, exuding confidence and glamour with every step.

Denim A-Line in White

Wearing white denim is a choice that should be embraced more by us women. Every time a friend of ours comes to an event in a white denim skirt, she’s always showered with compliments! White denim A-Line is easy to style, since you have a neutral colour palette to work with. Contrasting colours always work, so experiment with a dark top such as black or navy. 
The thing some women find surprising is that white denim also works really well with colourit adds pop and fun to your outfit. The Aimee Smock Shirt in Tamar Valley screams summer fun with its beautiful flower print, working both loose or tucked in. Try wearing a belt to cinch in your waist if you go for the tucked-in look, as it may give you height and nice separation. 

Denim A-Line in Black

Much like the short denim in black, the a-line black denim skirt is easy to pair with. Long jean skirt outfits are perfect for all occasions. Try black on black with one of our shirts or tucked in tees to vary the amount of casual you want in your outfit. We absolutely love matching our black denim a-line skirts with an Oversized Linen Boyfriend Shirt in Black. Tuck it in for a sleek look, or wear it open with a white t-shirt or singlet for an outing with the gals.

Denim Maxi in Mid Wash with Split

A slight variation on the regular a-line skirt, our Adrift Denim Long Split Skirt in Mid Wash adds a touch of fun and sass to your denim skirt outfit. With the cute little split up front, you get to show off your lovely legs without showing too much. You’ll have the perfect mix of daring, balanced by a touch of modesty to your outfit. Wear it to work with a white or navy blue blouse on a Friday and go for after-work drinks without having to change your outfit. A plunging neckline with a shiny necklace is sure to get you noticed. Be confident and daringtry it, and let us know how you felt wearing it. 

Denim Mix-And-Match

With a few different denim skirts in your wardrobe, have some fun with what we like to call the ‘denim mix-n-match’. A little goes a long way in creating an entirely new look. Try different skirts with tops or blouses tucked in, then try them left loose for a different way to styling a denim skirt  

Embrace Your Denim Skirt Journey 

I love how versatile a denim skirt styled in any of these can be. We really are spoilt for choice. There are so many ways denim skirts can take us from summer casual to autumn chic by trying different combinations of shirts, tops and accessories. 
With our guide, you’ll never be left not knowing what to wear with jeans skirt outfits. Take the mix-n-match approach to styling a denim skirt, and as always, your outfit should match your wonderful smile that comes with feeling great.
Love, Adrift x
Ready to unleash your wardrobe’s potential? Explore Adrift's denim skirt outfit collection, experiment with our styling tips, and make every outfit a statement. Shop now for a wardrobe that matches your flair!

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