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Cotton is a natural fiber, derived from Cotton plants. Cotton has a number of beautiful characteristics, such as breathability, softness & durability. Cotton is perfect for the warmer months, allowing for beautiful breathable styles. 


Cotton Poplin is a tighter weave cotton, making this a much more structured style of Cotton. Cotton Poplin has a smooth and even feel, structured but lightweight. Cotton poplin is perfect for the warmer & cooler months, creating structured styles but still keeping you feeling comfortable.


Cotton Gauze is a loose weave cotton, making this a much less structured style of Cotton. Cotton Gauze is an airy weaved fabric, perfect to wear during the hot summer months. Cotton Gauze has a mesh effect and a wrinkled texture. 


Cotton Terry is a unique weave that creates a plush, texturale appearance. Cotton Terry is a soft, yet durable fabric. Cotton Terry is an easy to care for and comfortable fabric to wear. Perfect for the cooler months. 


Linen is made from Flax Fibers. One of the most expensive and sought after plant-based fabrics, due to its beautiful properties and qualities. Linen is a cool and breathable fabric and is stronger and more lustrous than cotton. The more it is washed, the softer it gets. Perfect for any season. 


Linen Gauze is a loose, open  weave Linen. Linen Gauze is a thin, sheer fabric with an open weave. Made with breathable and resilient linen, it is perfect for the heat of Summer. Creating billowy, flowey and drapey styles. 


Viscose Linen blends are made up of natural Linen & Viscose fibers. Mixing these two fibers together creates a softer feeling fabric that is less prone to wrinkling. Mimicking a silk like finish, the fabric blend is perfect throughout the seasons. 


Cotton Linen blends are made up of natural Linen and Cotton fibers. Combining cotton and linen creates soft and breathable garments, meeting in the middle to create a soft structured garment. Perfect to keep cool and comfortable all season. 


Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber, derived from natural materials. Rayon has a soft and smooth finish, perfect for drapey and flowey styles. Rayon isn’t a naturally warm fabric, meaning it doesn’t retain heat. It is cool and breathable.


Combining 98% Viscose and 2% Spandex, this blend creates a beautiful stretch garment that drapes well. Perfect for our Basics by Adrift styles, this blend keeps you feeling comfortable and is relatively light. 


Adrift’s Denim is a combination of Cotton, Polyester and Spandex - thus creating a comfortable, lightweight and stretchy denim for you to wear day in and out. A quality blend creates a quality garment that will allow you to move freely and comfortably. 


Modal is a semi-synthetic fabric, derived from Rayon. Model is more lightweight than Rayon, mimicking silk lille fabrics. Modal is resistant to pilling, which extendends the longevity of this fabric. Modal creates the perfect drape and bounce to garments, creating a sense of luxury. 


Viscose is a soft and lightweight fabric. Mimicking a silk like look and the soft feel like cotton, it is the perfect fabric for soft and flowey styles. Viscose is a more sensitive fabric, when washing your Viscose garments, we recommend cold hand wash and laying flat to dry. 


Lyocell is a man-made fabric, derived from wood pulp. Lyocell is comfortable and soft to wear. Lyocell flows and falls beautifully, as well as being extremely breathable, making this fabric perfect for both Winter and Summer.