Flaunt Your Figure: How to Dress for Your Body Type with Confidence

Flaunt Your Figure: How to Dress for Your Body Type with Confidence

Sexy, sassy, luscious curves and outfits your body deserves! We love celebrating womanhood here at Adrift. We are truly blessed to have figures that are feminine no matter what size or shape we come in. All packages are beautiful and welcome!
So if you’re going to flaunt your body, you need to know what body shape you are, right? Until recently, I wasn’t sure which fruit I was...I thought I was pear-shaped until my good friend said “Girl, you’re the crunchiest of apples I’ve ever seen!”.
I took that as a compliment. And knowing I was apple-shaped meant I not only figured out what clothing style suits me, but I also was able to help other friends figure out their body shapes and how to dress accordingly.

Identifying Your Body Shape

Let’s start by going through the most common body shapes and how to identify which type you are:

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Characterised by broader shoulders than hips.

Rectangle Body Shape

Features equal hips and shoulders with little waist definition.
Sometimes referred to as “athletic”.


Regular Triangle or Pear Shape

Characterised by wider hips and thighs and a narrower top half.


Hourglass Body Shape

Defined by equal widths in shoulders and hips with a smaller, defined waist.


Round Body Shape

Also known as the “apple” shape, it is characterised by a larger upper body with no defined waistline.

It’s important to understand which body type you generally come under, as it will help with how to dress for your body type, what to emphasise and what to avoid when you’re wondering how do I dress for my body type and what style suits me best.

Specific Fashion Advice Tailored to Each Body Type

Let’s get one thing out of the way: no matter whether we’re thrilled with our body type or wish we had a different shape, we should be kind to ourselves and work with what we’ve got to our best advantage. So, with that said, here’s our best fashion advice for each body type:

If you have an Inverted Triangle Body Shape:

Avoid necklines that emphasise broad shoulders. Try button down shirts like this lovely Oversized Linen Boyfriend Shirt in Black in Black that helps keep a uniform silhouette and draws attention downwards.
Opt for items that accentuate the bottom half, such as a-line skirts or wide-leg trousers.

Boyfriend jeans are super cute and always work so well with this body shape.
For women with a Rectangle Body Shape:

Try creating definition and the illusion of a waist with belts and avoid vertical silhouettes.

Mid-rise jeans are great, and the bonus with this body type is that pretty much any type of pants work well, like the Camille Chambray Pant in Dark Wash with its relaxed feel and flat front waistband.
Regular Triangle or Pear Shape:

Advice includes drawing attention to the upper half with prints or brighter colours, wider necklines, and layered tops.
If you include dark colours on the bottom half, you get the effect of slimmer hips. We love the Adrift Split Tencel Skirt in Dark Wash for this exact reason.
Hourglass Body Shape (aka Marilyn Munroe body type):

Emphasise and accentuate your waist, and avoid shapeless or baggy clothes - they do nothing for your figure!
Choose styles that highlight your curves and define your hips. Try clothes that draw in or cinch your waist, including our fabulously cool Avalee Long Line Tencel Trench Coat in Dark Wash.
Recommendations also include wearing angled pocket pants and avoiding high-neck tops that take away the balanced look needed for hourglass body shapes.
Round Body Shape (aka crunchy apples like me):

Suggestions involve keeping tops and jackets streamlined, opting for slim-fit dresses, and wearing straight-leg or wide-leg jeans such as our Wide Leg Tencel Jeans in Dark Wash.

Emphasise proportional dressing, such as what people call the “rule of thirds” to create flattering proportions. The rule of thirds basically means you either emphasise two-thirds at the top half or bottom half, with the remaining third left alone to balance everything out. Long cardigans such as a Long Line Drape Cardigan come to mind when I think about the rule of thirds. See how most of the emphasis is on the top two-thirds, created by the length of the cardi?

Confidence Boosters: Accessories, Colors, and Styles

To top everything off, add a little flair with some confidence boosters like fun accessories. Earrings, handbags and shoes go a long way towards mixing things up and taking your outfit as a base, then funk everything up with splashes of colour based on the event and your mood.
Wear It with Confidence

Understanding how to dress for your body shape or body type is so important when it comes to enhancing your confidence and expressing your personal style. Knowing your body type and what works (and what to avoid) makes flaunting your fabulous body shape a whole lot easier.

Paying attention to body shapes and how to dress means you can highlight your strengths and minimise any areas you may feel less confident about. Whether it's understanding how to dress for your figure, finding the clothing style that suits you best, or simply knowing what style suits you, there are endless possibilities to explore.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different trends and outfit combinations.
Ultimately, dressing for your body shape is a fun and empowering journey that allows you to express yourself authentically. By understanding how to dress for your shape and implementing the right styling techniques, you can create outfits that not only look great but also make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. So embrace your unique body type, explore different clothing styles, and discover the style that really suits you. We know you’ve got this covered.

Love always, Adrift x

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