Print Clashing Unabashedly this Season

Print Clashing Unabashedly this Season

The 2023 fashion era has earned the reputation for being fundamentally experimental. Our ever changing political climate and Gen Z’s push for progressive civics has been reflected on the runways, pioneering exploratory and innovative fashion, that takes unapologetically bold to new levels. Summer fashion week has kicked off the year with designs that cross the line towards radical, alternative fashion, where quite literally anything goes! Relishing this free-for-all creativity, we dare to dabble in the fine art of print clashing, encouraging our fabulous Adrift women to jump on the band-wagon of eclectic styling this year. 
Here are a few standouts from SS2023 which capture the attitude and fiery flair that is the power of print clashing. Visit Pattern Back to view the print highlights of the season, and get inspired!  

The secret to print clashing is to marry designs of opposing narratives to create a dynamic duo of colour, texture and geometrics. It is said that print clashing is not for the faint hearted, but here at Adrift we believe that this fun-loving, free-spirited experimentation with style, is for everyone! Each Adrift print has been hand designed to tell a story, with artistic origins inspired by a selection of global landscapes, architectural footprints and colour-blocked geometry to cultivate designs that sing when styled together. Here are few examples of some Adrift print clashes that parallel the bohemian spirit of this year’s experimental fashion footprint. 

The Goldie Flutter Sleeve Top in Villa Oasis Green is a stunning Adrift floral that features feminine sleeves and bright beautiful colours. When styled with the Mounia Skirt in Villa Oasis, the vibrant scarlett red shines with an iridescent sheen that highlights the pockets of blossoming red on the Goldie Blouse. This pairing is a match made in heaven. 

Our latest release of print clash perfection is the collection of patchwork frocks. The Farrah Dress in Bold and Bright is a fabulous marriage of a leafy forest green textile and a gorgeous geometric stripe pattern to create an eclectic experimental style designed for the bold and bright women.

The Rachel Dress in Tahiti is our new favourite patchwork beachwear dress. This light breathable silhouette, features a pop of green on the hem and straps, paired with a dynamic black and white striped bodice. These prints balance beautifully to create a carefree summer elegance, for barefoot beach walks by the bay. 

The Scout Tiered Dress in Villa Mix is a gorgeous magnified floral print that paints its tantalising skirt tiers with a patchwork of vibrant fuchsia and delicate baby blues. This stunning style balances colour with feminine details such as the pink sleeve cuffs and collar. This fun feminine look is the perfect launching point to fall in love with print clashing this season. 

Experiment by pairing up your prints and unapologetically rocking these free-spirited styles. We want to see you print clash, so tag us on Instagram with the #Adriftunabashedprintclash !

Love, Adrift xx 





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