The Style Edit: Styling the Habotai Dress

The Style Edit: Styling the Habotai Dress

It's safe to say that versatility is key to having a functional closet, with a mix of styles that you can wear multiple ways and (yes) unique items that just make you feel like a hundred bucks! With that in mind, I've styled one of my favourites, the Marina Habotai Dress for three different occasions.

Here we go...



1.Brunch with the gals. If you're anything like me, comfort is key when it comes to brunch.  I often wear the Habotai style as it's comfortable, especially as I usually opt for a big brekky (bacon, sausages, name it). Keeping all of this in mind,  I normally style the Habotai dress by tying it on one side.  By doing this you can see that it tightens up this shift style and gives more shape to the silhouette. As you may have picked up from my @adriftstylistbec  Instagram page, I love bright tassel earrings! So I've added this fun sorbet coloured tassel earring, with a pom pom bagto keep this outfit light and bright.  This style looks great on an 'apple' body shape, as it gives shape through the middle and shows off your legs.



2. A 'date' at the supermarket. Love it or loathe it, this is a date that most of make on a weekly basis and my go-to is an easy style with comfortable sneakers.  If you have little ones and they like running through the shops, you'll appreciate the sneakers! These are from Frankie4 and have heavily cushioned soles. The Habotai comes with a navy belt, so I've used this to shorten the style (on the hips), which creates a sporty luxe look. Once you belt it you can flounce the material over the belt. Belting at the hips is perfect if you have more of a diamond body shape, as it works to conceal the tummy area. 



3. Drinks anyone?  It's time to add some flair to this gorgeous dress and there's no better way than by adding heels. I've picked these nude, strappy heels from Novo Shoes as they give you height without distracting from the beautiful dress. I often wear mine with tan wedges too. I've used the belt to create a choker-style necklace, which isn't for everyone but it's something that I regularly do that creates a chic look.  You can swap this look for daring statement earrings; check out some beautiful styles on the Adrift website.


I’d love to hear your thoughts about the Habotai dress and how this style works for you. Feel free to leave feedback on the blog or you can email me at for any inquiries.

Adrift Stylist,

Bec xx


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