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We all know what it is like to have that dress you love to death, it has been everywhere with you, date night, lunch parties, trips to the markets, cheeky Sunday margarita afternoons, but there comes a time that we have to let it go.. And that day is a sad one. That is why we are introducing Adrift Re-Loved.

At Adrift, we believe in the power of fashion, to make a statement and evoke change. Adrift Re-Loved embodies our commitment to sustainability and our commitment to make a positive impact within the Australian fashion landscape. Adrift Re-Loved is a program where you can make a difference to, to contribute to a change in the textile industry. To be a part of the movement to reshape the future of fashion!


Adrift Re-Loved gives you the option to send your pre-loved Adrift styles back to Adrift HQ, for us then to determine on whether the products can be donated, resold or recycled.

By choosing to send back your pre-loved items, you’re taking part in the solution of the global textile waste crisis. Once you have sent your garments back, we will send you an e-voucher.


Our mission is simple, yet impactful; we want to be a part of the solution and include you to make this possible. We will be carefully inspecting each piece you send in, to ensure they meet our quality control standards, we will then determine whether or not we will sustainably recycle these goods, donate these goods, or if your piece will find its 2nd home!

No matter which option is chosen for your piece, it makes a difference within the industry. Adrift Re-Loved is more than just a program; it is our shared commitment to sustainable fashion.


Every 10 minutes, 6,000kg is discarded into Australian Landfills, creating 200,00 tonnes of textiles, ending up in landfill per year.

With every Australian buying almost 56 items of clothing yearly we want to give you the option of recycling, donating and reselling these goods. We want to become a part of the solution, not the problem.


It’s easy! If you live in Brisbane, you will find our Adrift Re-Loved drop off boxes at our two boutiques, Newmarket & Woolloongabba. .

If you do not live in Brisbane, you can fill out the form below with your email address and the number of garments you will be sending back. We will then send you a pre-paid postage label to send your garments back to us. These items will then be given a new lease on life once received!

Once your garments have been received, we will inspect them for quality control to be re-sold donated. We will issue you with an e-voucher(s) to use in store or online. If you would like to donate your credit value to one of our i=Change NGO, please tick this information on the form below, or if you are heading in store, let our friendly staff know. Please note; if your garment does not pass our quality control inspections, we will donate it on your behalf.

follow these steps

wardrobe clean out

Look through your wardrobe for your beloved Adrift garments that are ready to be given their second life!

When putting your parcel together, please make sure your items are clean / laundered and only include items purchased from Adrift.

We will only be able to accept pre-loved Adrift styles.

Unfortunately we cannot accept earrings or shoes.

send your items back

This step only applies to those who are unable to drop off their garments our Brisbane based boutiques.

If you live in Brisbane, we prompt you to drop your items off to our Newmarket or Woolloongabba stores, you can find more details here.

If you are sending back your items via Post, please fill out the form below. Enter your email and number of garments being sent back. We will then send you a pre-paid postage label via Email.

Embrace Sustainability

We are SO excited to have you on our journey to create change. With your help, we will make a positive impact within Australian fashion. .

Once your pre-loved pieces arrive at Adrift HQ, we will process and send your e-voucher. Please keep an eye out on your emails.

You will be able to use your e-voucher across the Adrift website, keep an eye out on our weekly launches!

Please note; Adrift Re-Loved is a not-for-profit program where all proceeds from re-selling garments in our sample shop are directed solely towards covering the cost of operating the program.

what you need to know

You will receive an Adrift e-voucher to use on our website, the credit amount is $10.00 per garment, up to 7 garments.

Please keep an eye out on your emails for your e-voucher. It will be sent via Email once the garments have been received into our warehouse and quality checked.

You will receive your e-voucher within 14 business days after the parcel has been received.

Your e-voucher will expire 6 months after issue date.

Please send your parcel back to:

PO Box 3413, South Brisbane BC, QLD, 4101, Australia.

If the garment is received in perfect condition, Brisbane customers will have the opportunity to purchase pre-loved garments within our Outlet Store.

Keep an eye out online, as pre-loved will be available soon.. x