How to Stay Fashionable During the Winter Season

How to Stay Fashionable During the Winter Season

Brrrr, it's cold in here, it must be something in the atmosphere, right? We’re talking about winter in all its glory. Although most of the time we just want to snuggle with a loved one and sip on hot chocolate in our comfy clothes, winter is actually an incredible time for fashion lovers like us.

We get to match beautiful jackets with our outfits, layer like nobody’s business and wear accessories like scarves and gloves that not only look cool but are functional as well. What’s not to love about winter fashion?
Let’s look at classy winter outfits for ladies who want to stay warm and amazing at the same time. By the time we’re through, you’ll know how to style winter clothes with the best of them!

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

There are some clothes that you really can't live without during winter. These winter wardrobe essentials will serve a function (keeping you warm) and form (making you look fabulous).

Here are some of our favourite winter essentials all women need for how to dress for the cold fashionably.

First off, the denim jacket. The epitome of cool and the jacket we all know and love! You’ll get maximum wear out of a darker style such as the  Adrift Denim Relaxed Jacket in Dark Wash given we tend to go for darker and earthy tones when it's cold. Of course, a black denim jacket can be your go-to staple when styling in winter, but a lighter shade also works well to contrast the overall winter look.

A wonderful twist on elegant winter outfits for ladies can include a denim blazer, which adds something special to the denim jacket look. We’re loving how well the  Adrift Denim Blazer in Black looks as an alternative to the standard denim jacket—elegant winter outfits for ladies never looked better than with this denim blazer combo!
Next, let’s look at pants. Add some flair to your winter wardrobe with a pair of Adrift Denim Flared Jeans in Dark Wash. It's hard to imagine these not looking amazing with a warm cardigan or denim jacket and paired with winter boots. If flared jeans aren’t your thing, there’s no judgement here! You can achieve a similar look with a pair of Cropped Straight Leg Jeans in Dark Wash—it’s your style and your choice! As long as you know how to dress stylish in winter and are comfortable, that’s all that matters.

Cardigans work for all winter wardrobes, but we think that all winter outfits for women over 40 must have at least one cardi on your clothes hanger. A darker-toned cardigan always works well, but a fun alternative is to add splashes of colour in winter. Stand out from the crowd with a ​​Long Line Drape Cardigan in Pink to warm things up. Or, if you want some colour but keep with the earthy hues of the season, the Long Line Drape Cardigan in Camel will team with the winter theme perfectly.

You may not think it, but dresses are also versatile for women wondering how to dress warm and stylish in winter. Dresses are not only a go-to for warmer seasons; they work well in all seasons depending on how you wear them. Once again, we come to that magical word—layering!
A maxi dress can be your answer to how to dress for the cold fashionably and still be super feminine. While maxi dresses cover a lot of your body, try layering with some leggings or tall boots under your maxi for warm and classy winter fashion. The Minden Linen Long Sleeve Shirred Dress in Plum ticks so many boxes for a fashionable winter dress. The dark tones suit the colder weather, but there’s still enough colour to keep things light.

For a play on earthy winter hues, take a look at our Kelly Dress in Camel. Isn’t this one of the more elegant winter outfits for ladies you’ve seen? Sophisticated, graceful and classy all at the same time. We’re really loving this dress right now.
How to Stay Warm and Stylish at The Same Time

Layering, especially in winter, is a girl's best friend when it comes to winter fashion. We’ve covered the layering concept before, so check that out here. In the meantime, let's look specifically at how to layer to keep warm and stylish.

Layering lets you wear clothes that may be too cold to wear on their own but gives you options for how to dress cute for winter and still stay warm. Even a midi like the Ingrid Tiered Tencel Dress in Mid Wash or a short a-line dress can be worn in winter with some boots and woollen stockings underneath. Picture this Denim Short A-Line Skirt in White paired with dark contrasts of black leggings and a black denim jacket for a monochrome tonal style and grace.

Staying warm and dressing up in the winter is easier than you think with these awesome tips.

Final Thoughts

As we bid adieu to this guide on staying fashionable throughout the winter season, it's clear that the chill in the air doesn't have to mean sacrificing style. From classy winter outfits for ladies to mastering the art of layering, you can keep warm and dress stylishly this winter.

With versatile pieces like denim jackets and flared jeans, along with cosy cardigans and chic dresses, there's no shortage of options for expressing your unique style even in the coldest of months.

Experiment with different textures, colours, and layering techniques. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your individuality throughout winter because true style knows no season.

Here's to staying warm, staying stylish, and embracing the beauty of winter fashion.

Stay warm and beautiful, ladies.

Love, Adrift x

Ready to up your winter fashion game? Embrace the chill with style and flair! Upgrade your winter wardrobe now and let your fashion sense shine through the cold. Don't hibernate; elevate with our classy winter outfits for ladies!

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